joi, 27 septembrie 2012

Culture Flow - Life Changer

I will never forget the experience I had in Orsova. I would have to say that made my top 5 of the most beautiful times in my life, after the day that I married Calin, after the day that I met Calin, but before Arthalia and Contratimp, another two beautiful projects. It seems that every time I didn't back away and said YES to an opportunity that I feared and was anxious about, the result was amazing!

I will remember Culture Flow as an adventure that changed me, made me better and made me understand that you can find yourself close to someone who you just met and and especially when  they have such a different background than yours, as close as you are with a member of your family.

These days I laughed so hard, I was always myself and felt relaxed to be myself and show everyone the child inside, but I had moments, when the situation asked for, when I was serious and organized and mature. I wanted to help everyone and felt very disappointed on my self, even if it wasn't my fault, when I couldn't help everyone.

I felt weak when Giorgio and Maria got sick, I blamed it on myself that I didn't tell them in time to bring warmer clothes, and didn't put the "bring any kind of medicine you will need" in red letter in the info pack.

I felt angry and ashamed when Mustafa and Alma had to wait longer for their meals, and from time to time they had nothing prepared for them and Mustafa had to make it himself.

I felt sad and frustrated that I couldn't help Alma more with her English, and sometimes I really wished I spoke her language and not see her struggle anymore. And I really wanted to include Mustafa more when he felt like an outsider, and felt sad when, after a few days passed and he still didn't feel more secure around us.

I felt guilty when Patricia still couldn't find courage to speak more in groups because of her English, I felt like it was my duty to give her confidence in herself, and I failed.

I was happy when I saw the improvement in Marco, such a spirited boy, with positive energy when at first he was backing away because of his English and till the end gained the courage to speak more and let others help him, and he was always so curious and he was learning everyday. Municipality.

I loved my Reflection Group but I felt at times weak but mostly happy about everything we shared and talked about.

I will start with Macedonia. They were hospitable people but serious and very focused on the tasks. They didn't back away in asking for help anytime they needed. I think that they are strong people, like not so emotional, but after all these days they showed us their sensitive part and opened up more. Martina showed me that she is not all stone and focused, she can be troubled and do the right thing even if she was stubborn at first. Marian shared his passion with us and introduced us to beautiful  Macedonian songs. Viky was always happy, social, excited and curious about stuff, she always asked questions and joined games.

Alma was shy at first but in time got more courage and very funny. She taught us that Macedonians live in luxus houses like caves and the bread is also luxus, and her traditional meal is only water, but not any kind of water, but Macedonian water. She felt trapped, like she was not allowed to walk everywhere she wanted to because of Rex, she watched every corner, but at the end she felt more safe as long one of the others were next to her. She only pointed at Rex and we were up to her rescue. Oliver made me think that he was crazier than he looked, like an undercover mad man, but positive mad, as Marko says. We liked his drum and he made us happy with his music. Cheers to him he didn't needed alcohol to be so happy all the time.

Cyprus kept to themselves but only because they felt the weather here more hard than the others. Besire and Mustafa were open and social because they didn't get sick and could interact more easily with people. I liked that Besire didn't back away from our game, and we got CLOSER, if you know what I mean. But Maria and Giorgio were so nice people, and I felt bad that I couldn't interact more with them, because they seemed so sleepy because of the cold but every time we talked they were smiling and they were so nice. Deniz was grumpy at times because of the cold but we had a every nice time swearing in Turkish, and we had so much fun. I felt bad that he also got a little sick and I already miss him.

I always was around Serbia because they made me happy all the time, except the last days when I started to cry every time I  remembered they will leave me here and not take me with them. I love my tata and mama, they made me be proud of who I am and I wasn't shy to be myself around them. I will never forget moi tata, the forever happy Filip who never stopped smiling, had a funny laugh, made tones of jokes and I felt so attached to him like I found myself a long lost brother. I wish I can grow up to be as capable of drinking as my "mother" and as funny and hugable as my "father".

I will never forget my beautiful "mother in-law" with her sexy lips :* she was sociable but a little shy, but she always smiled. I liked her, not only because she was beautiful but because she was modest of her beauty. She also had a hugable way about her but because she was so shy I couldn't hug her as much as I wanted, but she has all my love nevertheless. Marko was the most exuberant boy I ever met, crazy at times, but positive crazy, he emanated optimism, positive attitude, happiness, friendship and gave all those qualities to whoever was around him, he also gave little cute hugs.

I liked moi devero because of his sunshine smile and eyes, except when he was tipsy I thought he had crazy eyes :P I liked talking with him and he always had a smile, or two, or three, for me, even when I was crying, maybe I amused him, I don't know, but he seemed intrigued by my childish behavior, but that's why I felt good showing my craziness to all of them, they didn't judge me, because I didn't act my age. He also said he thought I was 18 and Calin 20, I hope I will keep this appearances until I reach 35 years old, and I will bring the kid inside outside to play from time to time. He has my friendship from now on and I will always be there to listen when he needs someone. He also made me do crazy stuff.

Culture flow made me get closer to my team too, cuz we had to trust one another and get the job done, and we did it so well. I am proud of everyone of them, Patricia's ambition, Simona's logic, Alex's sensitivity, Calin's friendliness, and Dana's seriousness. I'm glad I had the chance to know you better and get closer.

I reached most of my goals, and more, and I hope I will be remembered because they surely had a great impact on me and I will not forget them that easily. Hope to see you soon! I love you! Te sakam! Volim te! S 'agapó̱! Seni seviyorum! Va iubesc! Sorry for the long post! I miss you!

marți, 11 septembrie 2012

Copiii din ziua de azi

In primul rand cineva a gandit aceasta poza. A crezut ca va comemora prin aceasta poza evenimentul de la 11 Septembrie 2001 petrecut in America, cand turnurile gemene au fost atacate si mii de oameni au murit. Altcineva a considerat aceasta poza numai potrivita pt a-si aduce respectul pt implinirea a 11 ani de la eveniment.

Numai eu citesc printre randuri, cineva isi doreste ca Olanda (ca sa fie mai accurate decat Franta) sa aiba aceasi soarta ca cea de la 11 Sptembrie 2001? Doamne Fereste! Insa nu inteleg funda! Poate vreo teorie a conspiratiei cum ca Olanda ar fi fost vinovata pt atacuri? Cert e ca niste copii de liceu care au trait intens experienta in 2001 la cei 7 anisori ai lor si-au postat aceasta poza pe peretele lor in semn de respect. Nimic de obiectat, daca n-ar fi fost aceste cateva detalii esuate, ar fi fost un moment de dat o lacrima, dar n-am de ce, nu pentru Olanda, in 2001, cel putin!